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High Plains Bioenergy is a renewable energy company focused on producing high-quality alternative fuels from the Seaboard Foods integrated system. We have been in continuous production since 2008 and have produced more than 60 million gallons of biodiesel. Production currently runs at a pace of 30 million gallons per year.

High Plains Bioenergy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Seaboard Foods, which is a division of Seaboard Corporation. Seaboard Corporation is a publicly traded company with more than 10,000 employees and with sales of more than $4.3 billion in 2010. To learn more, visit these Web sites: www.seaboardcorp.com and www.seaboardfoods.com.

High Plains Bioenergy’s first endeavor is a 30 million-gallon-per-year biodiesel plant that uses animal fats, including pork fat from the Seaboard Foods’ Guymon processing plant, and vegetable oils as the feedstock for biodiesel. These fats and oils go through a chemical process called transesterification to separate glycerin from animal fats and vegetable oils.

This process creates two products - methyl esters, the chemical name for biodiesel, and glycerin, a valuable byproduct used in food, feed, drugs, cosmetics and lubricants. The plant uses Desmet Ballestra technology to exceed the ASTM D-6751 specification - the industry standard for high-quality biodiesel.

Quality Commitment

The goal of High Plains Bioenergy is to produce the highest quality biodiesel fuel:

    BQ-9000 Producer
  • With a focus on exceeding our customers' expectations and providing complete customer satisfaction.
  • To fully comply with all requirements as a BQ-9000 Producer as described by the National Biodiesel Accreditation Commission.
  • To exceed the requirements of ASTM D6751 specifications.
  • Appropriately aligned with National Biodiesel Board recommendations.
  • For the long-term benefit of both our customers and our company.
Biodiesel Plant Facts

Capacity: 30 million gallons annually
Feedstock: Multi-feedstock: vegetable oils and animal fats, including pork fat from the Seaboard Foods Guymon pork processing plant.
Plant Location: Guymon, Okla. This biodiesel plant is located next to Seaboard Foods’ Guymon pork processing plant.
Plant Contractor: Wanzek
Plant Technology: Desmet Ballestra
Employees: 30 to 35 at full capacity

Career Opportunities

For career opportunities with High Plains Bioenergy, visit the Seaboard Foods Online Career Center or call the Seaboard Foods Career Center Hotline at 877-562-7675.

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